Easy Skin Care Tips

Welp! (The country relative word for “well”), it’s that time of year again! Daylight savings time is here. The leaves are falling. The weather is changing. And I’m sure most of us have super dry skin. Here are a few easy tips to help:

  1. Use quality bath and skin products. A bottle full of unpronounceable ingredients is not the best long-term solution. If you’re like me, that type of label is overwhelming to read. It is chatoic and your skin will not thank you for it. Look for basic ingredients that will nourish your skin.
  2. Moisturize directly after bathing or showering. This will help seal the water (moisture) into your skin and leave you feeling more hydrated.
  3. Do not forget your lips and feet. These two parts of the body tend to suffer the most over the winter months. Both need balms, butters, and attention.

At MawAhh I handcraft a variety of products with uncomplicated ingredients. Get the right products to care for your families skin. What are some challenges you face in finding the right skin care?

MawAhh… Kiss worry bye-bye! Family friendly skin care; no chaos!



Mother Nature’s Concern For Skin

Hey ya’ll! I hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather. I can honestly say that I appreciate all four seasons of weather; even the bitter cold. But there is such a joy that I receive in my heart from seeing Mother Nature emerge from winter. The bee’s, flowers, and even the dreaded weeds put a smile onto my face. I truly believe that nature gives us everything we need to provide the best care for our skin. And that is why I make a conscious effort to handcraft with food items . Let’s discuss some of the nourishing food items the are used to create luxurious skin loving MawAhh products.

Invigorate your skin!

Carrots! A favorite treat of Bugs Bunny and loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants. I didn’t hold back when preparing this bar for the most delicate of skin types. After adding the fresh-juiced carrots, who could resist including pinch of the pulp? All natural colorants combined with a fresh citrus scent to diminish the appearance of blemishes and scars and promote an even looking complexion.


Awaken your skin!

Coffee is an acceptable addiction for most of us who have incorporated it in our daily rituals. Am I the only one who can’t imagine a morning without my usual cup of coffee? Due to its texture, coffee grounds are the perfect natural exfoliate addition to scrubs for use on both face and body. An intoxicating mocha chocolate scent combined with skin brightening coffee, this bar is the perfect morning shower wake up.

Max moisture for skin!

Coconut milk is a very versatile natural ingredient and it’s vegan and lactose intolerance friendly! Packed with vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5, and B6, it has some wonderful benefits for the body, hair and skin. Because the fats contained in coconut do not clog pores, I craft a coconut milk lotion that can be used worry free as an all over moisturizer to include the face. The silkily lotion is lightly scented and can be used as often as needed to moisturize dry skin without buildup and greasiness.

Mother Nature knows best! If  you’ve used MawAhh products, tell us what you think. If not, sign up for the mailing list and get 10% off your first purchase.





Welcome to Spring: Pedi Ready Feet

It’s the first day of spring! So yes! Those feet that have been put away in boots and warm fuzzy socks for about five months will soon be screaming to be let out. But are they ready? Most people don’t make the effort or use the expense to keep up pedicures during the dreary winter months.

  1. Every great pedicure starts with a good soak. You can use just about anything as a basin long as it’s deep enough to cover your feet to just below the ankle. If you own a foot spa, even better! Add some Epsom salt along with your favorite essential oil and relax.
  1. Manicure your toenails and use a pumice stone on the balls and heels of your feet. I personally skip anything that resembles a razor blade or cheese grader; even at the salon. These “tools” remove large amounts of skin very quickly. It can cause the body to go to work overtime replenishing these removed skin cells. This process of the body healing itself typically pays a part in creating unwanted and unsightly rough and/or cracked feet

    Beach ready feet.
  2. Clean your feet well. I like to use a nailbrush and lather up with MawAhh’s Carrot & Citrus soap. The scent takes my mind straight to a hot summer day; totally skips Spring.
  3. Lastly and my favorite, dry your feet and apply a product to help seal the moisture into your skin. Butters such as cocoa and Shea perform this task very well. I use MawAhh’s Four Butter Soufflé that also contains mango and kokum butters. It coats well without feeling greasy which is convent when your slipping your toes int a cut pair of sandals right after your pedicure.

Follow this routine or a similar pedicure routine every two to four weeks. However you choose to get it done, pamper you’re feet all year round. Not only do they deserve it, but so do you!

Easy Winter Lip Care

We’re at the point in the season where your skin can start to feel the effects of and possibly suffer from the cold weather. Most of us are persistent about keeping our skin moisturized. We have routines that include lotions, butters, and all sorts of things that we live by. But how often do we think about moisturizing our lips? Even I, as a self-proclaimed obsessed lip balm hoarder will sometimes neglect my lips.  Life gets busy!

Additionally, few of us actually cleanse our lips. We usually wipe off the previously used lip product and add a fresh application of some sort. We repeat this routine day after day until our delicate skin cries out for our attention.

Chapped lips are one sign of damage. Cracking and peeling usually evoke an action to grab a tube of lip balm. The feeling of dry lips drives us insane and we reach for a lip balm that will coat, one that soothes, or something to give us a tingly feeling. We all have “a type” when it comes to lip balms. For a few minutes, we feel relived. But what we forget is, lip balms consist of oil and butter. Balms normally contain no from of actual moisture. So how do we externally moisturize our lips?

Chocolate Lip MawAhh

Lets conquer these problems. First, clean your lips! The act of cleansing the lips will also add the much-needed element of water, which is moisture. I often do this with my favorite natural facial cleanser. Be sure to closely read the label you choose as cleanser to ensure it doesn’t contain ingredients that will damage the delicate skin of your lips. I recommend keeping the product out of your mouth; do not swallow the cleanser.

Secondly, remove build up and soften lips with this easy DIY lip scrub recipe.

  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 1 drop of peppermint or lavender essential oil

Do not allow any water or salvia to come into contact with the unused portion of the scrub. We want to keep this mixture bacteria free because it does not contain a preservative. Use a dry finger to apply the lip scrub in small circular motion. After a quick rinse, you’ll be left with a light protective coat of coconut oil on your refreshed lips. The coconut oil will help seal moisture into your lips which should feel very smooth.

For added protection throughout the day, apply a natural lip balm. Clean! exfoliate! hydrate! seal! Follow this routine one to times per week for the best results. Cover and store any portion of the used lip balm in the refrigerator for up to 14 days. Have you tried this type of routine or a similar one? Please do share your findings with us.

2017 Brings a Clean Slate

Over the past few months, we have enjoyed time with family and eaten way too much. As many of you, we have taken time to set goals for the new year:

1. Be grateful. Overall enjoy life!

2. Set aside and stick to family time.

3. Be mindful of living a balanced life.

Week after week, many of rush out from work. The job isn’t done there.  Stop by the busy grocery store, pick the kids up, take dogs to the vet, make dinner, and complete a whole list of things that don’t always  give us feelings of gratuity. 

The lists grow longer at certain times of the year. Some of the demands at both home and work don’t seem to have an end in sight that doesn’t include going grey or even bald. In the anxiety to get it all done and do it perfectly, 2017 will be a year of standing strong on my goals.

2017 brings a universal time to start new; a clean slate. To celebrate, our handcarfted bath an body business, MawAhh is offering savings to literally help you clean your slate. Please share the goals you’re standing strong on in the new year & click here to save during our Clean Slate until midnight EST on January 4, 2016 after  

Combat the Winter Skin Blues

With the winter solstice just around the corner, your skin may already be feeling the effects of cooler weather.  Dry looking skin that flakes and looks dull. Itchy skin that craves moisture even after applying lotion. Small little nuances here and there that just don’t have an appealing look or comfortable feel.

There is more than the weather at work against our skin. We encounter an array of environmental things that have a daily effect. Sun, wind, hot showers/baths, and even diet all influence the condition of your skin. And just because much of it will be covered during the winter doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t continue to have it  be tank top ready. Maybe there is a surprise topical vacation in the stars? You never know!

In conjunction with your current skin care regime,  try using a DIY hydrating spritz.  The recipe below is super simple and inexpensive to make. Vegetable glycerin acts an humectant thus helping the skin attract and retain moisture. It can be found at most health food stores. Please do not skip the distilled water from your local grocer as I understand that it may be very tempting to use filtered or tap water from the kitchen. Distilled water will discourage your spritz from turning into a moldy science project. That’s a big job for a gallon of water that only cost about $1.00; worth every penny!


Hydration Spritz
1 tsp of vegetable glycerin
4 tsp of distilled water
1-3 drops of your favorite essential oil

Combine the ingredients in a spray bottle and shake. Directly following a shower or bath, towel dry and spritz your body. You do not need to wait for the spritz to dry before applying your usual lotion or body oil.

After my first use of this spritz, I immediately felt the difference.  I didn’t get the normal nightly itches after I laid down for bed.  Now, it is a staple in my daily bathing routine. I have even started to use it on my hair as it too is often dry. This easy spritz takes care of the dry patch of skin between my eyebrows and refreshes my face during the day. In this case, the essential oil really helps wake me up a little if it’s citrus scented.image1Remember that soaps and scrubs also play large roles your skin’s smooth & bright appearance. Wether it be MawAhh, our own brand of products or while shopping at stores, I always select handcarfted soaps that contain olive oil and scrubs that use sugar or salt as an exfoliant. You surely can’t go wrong when you go natural!

Don’t let winter give you the dry skin blues! Mix, shake, and spritz! Spring will be here before we know it.




Summer Patio Set Rejuvenation

Spring has come and gone! So has a nice portion of the summer. I truly enjoy the months of weather where I can sit outside to enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine and a good book. Patio furniture is  a very nice to have for me. I’m sure that many of you are looking at your outdoor patio set wondering “Will this faded thing survive another  season?” Depending on what type of material it is, yes! Another option is to rejuvenate a previously owned set as many people choose to part with their old sets  for the end of season sales.

Back in March, my patio set sat outside barley hanging on for spring. It had survived three years in the constant Hawaiian sun, another two years in gloomy Washington State, and lastly a humid summer in Maryland. I’m sure the stint in Washington State was the only thing that aided  the plastic wicker seats in lasting as long as they did. I’d gotten my money’s worth; it was time to part with it.

Luckily, I found a used aluminum patio set for $250. It included the table and five chairs and had been kept in an enclosed in sun area. As I’d hoped for, there were no signs of rust. What a steal as compared to the alternative of purchasing a new set for nearly a $1,000 at one of the big box stores.

Table & Chair.

Now to tackle the sun beaten faded aluminum painted color. I think the set used to be grey. Nothing a can of Rust-Oleum spray paint can’t take care of! I chose a bronze color by mistake. I was in a rush when I picked it up but it was the perfect mistake as it matched my decor and complimented another idea that developed in motion. The deck and yard have a lot of accents that are orange. This includes several flower pots, planters, and a small iron serving cart. The patio table had an intricate design that was worth highlighting under the brown glass top.  Orange was the perfect compliment color for the bronze and for it’s surroundings.

Some tips about spray painting:

  1. The experts say to use short sweeping bursts. Yeah… this is horrible. But it does work well. Try purchasing a spray paint gun to minimize the stress on your fingers.
  2. Don’t rush and coat lightly to prevent runs. I did one coat of paint on the entire set with 2 1/2 cans of paint (minus the orange color).  Be sure to get all the nooks and crannies!
  3. When you think your can of paint is low, put it to the side. It will come in handy for use in touchup areas with minimal over spray. It is especially handy when you are working with more than one color.
Bronze vs Grey
Ready! Set! Go!

After giving the set a good cleaning with warm water and dish detergent, everything was sat in the sun to dry.  Now the fun begins! A plastic sheet was laid to protect the work area. I painted the left arms of all five chairs. Then I painted the right arms of all five chairs. I moved through each part of all five chairs in this same fashion. In using this method, I found it to be  easier for me to focus on  adequate  coverage for each part. Oddly I think that painting all of one chair before moving onto the next would have mentally exhausted me more quickly. If you are a goal oriented person, you may want to aim for the small wins first and paint all of one item before moving on to the next. A win is a win!


What a master piece!

I saved the best for last. I was sure my pointer finger would fall off at this point! I wasn’t smart enough to buy a spray paint gun. Seeing the table transform was the only thing that kept me going. First, I painted the base of the table in bronze. For the detailed design, I taped off a few portions when the bronze and orange met. I then used two pieces of cardboard and inserted them into the tight areas to prevent spay over. I moved these cardboard pieces as I progressed through the design as well as held a cardboard piece under the area of the table I was painting.


This was my largest spray paint project at about three hours. I allowed the paint to dry overnight before use. It was such an easy and cost effective option at less then $35 to bring the life back to your patio furniture. It also assists in protecting the furniture from weather damage. So don’t be so hasty in putting you set by the curb on trash day. You can easily rejuvenate your beloved set to it’s original glory in addition to adding your own flare.


Leap into… Bullet Journaling

I know a lot of us journal. Its a way to document, purge, process, and reflect; a form of therapy. The same personality type who is dedicated enough to journal, is often someone who is also obsessed with organization. This person probably prefers that a calendar keep them on track to make it to that guest instructed gym class or successfully remember the avocado during their trip to the grocery store.

In this world of technology, there is an app for everything. I’m sure you could find an app that would manage you managing your calendar. One thing that I have discovered about many of these apps is that no matter how great they are, they are limited. One app is all about making lists. The purpose of another app is to track your goals. While yet another app is calendar based. Also, I type a lot at work and handcraft and package tons of products per month. My hands need all the breaks they can get from keyboards.

I needed some serious organization and management of my life. I work what I call a “beyond full time” job in the military in addition to being  the  founder and CEO of handcarfted bath and body company, MawAhh LLC.  My work tasks are crazy enough but when I started to feel like I’d lost grasp of the management of my home and two doggies, my sister recommend a quick fix solution.

What if you had one system that managed EVERYTHING??? Bullet journaling is an easy way to combine anything that could possibly ever cross your schedule or mind into one area. You can track all of you goals, to do list and thoughts, as well as doodle and anything else your heart desires.


Selection of your journal is important for this project. My sister purchased three before finding her perfect match. You can really use any type of notebook or journal depending on your desires. Just be sure that its durable. You should like the look and feel of both the outside and the interior pages. I choose a simple lined page journal with a cover that personally encourages greatness for me.  It has an internal pocket in the back that I use to store receipts for business purposes before they are scanned. So let’s discuss what goes into the journal.



Page 1: Key

Page one will serve as the key for your journal. This is a place where you can use your creativity to easily distinguish your entires. Some I use are:

 Task // -Note//* Urgent task //?Research

Feel free to customize these to your needs.




Page 2: Index

Page two should be your index. This section will tell you what pages to locate items for future reference as you build your journal. I used pages two & three in my current journal as the index. After creating my index pages, I numbered the remaining  journal pages. Well… I numbered 40 of the pages.


IMG_2497Section One:

I used the next section of my journal for a four month outlook that actually expands two pages. This is the section where I annotate important upcoming due dates for tasks, goals, meetings ect. It’s nice because it allows you to look ahead  semi-long term with a one glance view. Two  month outlooks as pictured or three month outlooks are also options. Craft this to meet your needs.



Journal MonthSection Two:

This section serves as you monthly view. On the left side of the page are all the days of the month with the first letter of the coinciding day of the week. Plan out your month according to dates using this page. The right side of the page are all of you deliverable items for the month (goals, upcoming events, etc).


Section Three:

This is where I began my daily  notes, tasks, ideas, ect. I date the top of each entry with the month, date, and day of the week. Go crazy! Write whatever you want; however you want. Plan your summer vacation. Remind yourself to call the cable company and inquire about new deals you may qualify for. Add a task to check your sons homework since you know he’ll rush through it to play video games. Write, draw, and plan until your heart is content!

Go wild! Hang Loose! All in the name of organization & sanity!

These pages can easily hold your doodles, a list of your favorite restaurants or ones that you’d like to try, and any other thoughts or ideas you may have. Just don’t forget to go back and annotate important pages in the index. Next month, start it all over again. Do what you will! If there is something about the journal setup that did not work for you, every month is a new opportunity to change it.

My journal is very bare bones. Any artistic talents I may have go to my bath and body products as you can tell by my attempts at header script.  I am in my second month but will update you all in a few months as I get deeper into the grooves of what is and is not working for me. Please comment below to share you bullet journaling successes or struggles. Happy journaling!

I Want to Eat; Not Exercise!

It’s January!  And we all know what that means… new beginnings and new goals. I must admit that I am not much of a new year’s resolution person. I believe that every day is a new opportunity to resolute. But I can’t knock anything that moves us toward positive results.

One thing that I constantly battle along with many of you is weight management and an exercise routine. Thus a resolution to “get into shape” becomes a default year after year even if I’m not making one. 🙂  Gym memberships and weight loss program enrollments skyrocket during the month of January. So we are all thinking on the same wave length in this arena.


One form of exercise that I have been able to stick with (mostly) since 2010, is Bikram Yoga also know as hot yoga. The room is heated to 105 degrees not including any residual body heat as you work your way through 90 minutes of 26 poses. By the end of the class, you should have worked every muscle, tendon, internal organ, joint, and ligament while providing the entire body with oxygenated blood.

Holding your body in those poses in that high heat takes a lot of work. Do not expect to leave class feeling like you just received a massage. A spa treatment for your skin may be more realistic since you can reap the benefits of detoxing to a clearer complexion.

What no one ever tells you about hot yoga is that you have to have an acquired sense of smell for the classroom. Put 20-50  people barefoot and dripping with sweat into a room and you can imagine what you get. The great thing is that the smell doesn’t last for more than 15 minutes. After that, you stop registering the smell because  your brain is working overtime thinking about how hot your body is.


I have to be honest. It’s hot! This is a work out that requires you to drink the recommended eight glasses of water per day. A lot of people have an image of yoga that screams “relaxing”. Yoga is designated to be mentally relaxing. But hot yoga will also challenge you to move beyond your thoughts of being uncomfortable. For some people ,this process takes 30 classes. For others it may take over 100 classes. Every yogi’s journey is different.  After your mind moves beyond the thought’s listed below, you’ve arrived at the point of mild mental relaxation and possibly into some realm of meditation:

  1. What’s that smell?
  2. It’s hot!
  3. I’m going to pass out!
  4. This class is really 90 whole minutes?

Now your next goal is to not think about anything except the poses. Not what happened this morning or what will happen at a later date. You will grow  to reach your best physical performance with the poses as well. Your physical strength may vary form class to class. I have learned that my physical strength is normally driven by my mental strength. The more mentally clear I am, the better I physically perform.

This has been the path of least resistance for me as far as exercise is concerned. It’s still hard.I won’t even address diet in this post. But I highly recommend Bikram/hot yoga to anyone looking to challenge themselves both physically and mentally. It is near the middle of January. Don’t loose you New Year’s momentum.


For You Next Year! Happy 2016!

As we come to the end of spending some additional time with friends and family for the holiday season, we are wishing for more mornings to sleep in here at MawAhh. 🙂 This is a time for all of us to evaluate the previous year, set goals, and reflect upon the past year of absolute joy!MawAhh 2016

We truly appreciate our faithful supporters of 2015 and before. “Thank you!” would not sufficiently express the amount of gratitude we have for every skin or hair success story, encouraging statement,  and simple smile. We also look forward to sharing, enjoying and caring for the needs of those who will join us in the near future. Here are some things you can expect from us in 2016:

  1. Exclusive subscriber deals. Join our MawAhh Mailing List!
  2. An essential oil soap line that will help us give back to a vital part of our community.
  3. And what we are overly excited about… new lip balms flavors!

New year resolutions are in the making, many of which will involve more healthy decisions. Remember that what you put onto your body can be as equally import as what you put into your body.  MawAhh and More will continue to share our happy lifestyle stories while MawAhh will provide you with healthy skin and hair care products.

I can only hope that you will continue to enjoy our creations of natural handcrafted products. We will certainly continue to handcraft them with affection for your health and overall happiness. Happy New Year!!!